Sarazanmai Episode 7 Review: I Want to Connect but I Want to Betray

I’m not sure who has a worse sense of humor– the creator of Sarazanmai, or me. When faced with the theme of balls, it seems we both instantly thought of… that other kind of balls. The kappa-zombie literally wanted his balls kicked. I’m ashamed I laugh so hard about it. xD Anyway, the tone of this episode seemed so happy in the first third or so that I was afraid something really terrible was going to happen at any moment. All things considered, what happened with the boys this episode wasn’t anything horrifying, just troubling.

I figured the polluting of the boys’ soccer spot was done by someone who didn’t like Toi. (I’ve always called him Kuji, but since Kazuki is calling him Toi, I guess I will too.) However, I didn’t realize it was Enta. I was too convinced by his lies in front of the convenience store and the way he seemed friendly to Toi at the end of last week’s episode. Still, this isn’t too much of a shock, considering that I originally thought Enta’s love would be the toxic sort. As soon as I saw him kiss Kazuki at the end of episode 2, that’s what I suspected. But then Enta was so adorable with his innocent fantasies, and he was so ashamed when he was exposed for kissing Kazuki in his sleep. My suspicions were put to rest.

(OMG He’s lying with a face that cute?!)

Now I really like Enta and I don’t want him to turn into some crazy yandere boy. Hopefully, he’ll stop acting stupid and selfish now that his secret was exposed. We’ll have to wait and see. It might be a quick resolution or it might not. If I, the viewer, felt betrayed by Enta, then the characters around will probably be pissed and/or hurt.

(Actually that is kind of horrifying)

In case anyone is wondering and didn’t want to look it up, the Japanese word for river otter is kawauso, ka-wa-u-so. (Usually, the word rakko is used for sea otter.) The mysterious black otter kept saying “uso” from the word kawa-uso. It makes for quite a few silly puns; for example, “uso” also means lies. For the hot cops’ song, they start by saying kawau-so-ya, soya, soya! So they’re basically saying “otter, yeah!” Just fyi.

Ok onto the other main event of this episode and the explanation of that ending scene last episode. For this one, I was watchful, and I started to understand Mabu’s situation during his lunchtime talk with Reo at the start of the episode. I noticed that it was an otter doing Mabu’s maintenance, which made me wonder, Mabu and Reo are human, right? Rather than otter spirits? Then it hit me: Mabu isn’t quite human. He never has been. I thought, maybe maintenance isn’t just what he means for restoring his life force– maybe it’s also literal, mechanical maintenance for a robotic body. I wasn’t quite right, but the reveal at the end about his mechanical heart and his personality reset wasn’t that far from what I’d thought.

(An expression of pure agony)

Just because it was expected, though, didn’t make it any less sad. I’m a bit gloomy after seeing that. I don’t even want to write about how sad it is. But I don’t want to give up on my Reo x Mabu ship, either. Even if this Mabu isn’t the original Mabu, he’s a sentient being with human intelligence. At least, I believe so. I can’t say for certain. Sentient beings with human minds can fall in love and have relationships, so let’s not give up and let’s not call Mabu a a machine.

To make things a little less depressing, here is a cute cute pic of Toi Kuji.

(Tsundere voice: it’s not like I wanted to play soccer with you baaaaka!)

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