Carole and Tuesday Episode 7 Reactions

Sometimes, your mood can alter the personal enjoyment you derive from anime, whether for good or for ill. In other cases, it works the opposite way. The enjoyment of the anime changes your mood. That was true of Carole and Tuesday episode 7 as I watched it. I felt tired and grumpy before, but now, having finished that adorable and uplifting installment, I can’t stop smiling. For one thing, the audition’s various partipants were hilarious!

Carole and Tuesday can be just terribly adorable. Their reactions to Gus and Rod are funny. Their friendship with each other is heartwarming. When the two of them did their “shake” at the end, I felt elated. Also, there was cuteness overload in the way Tuesday wore sunglasses and stumbled over her words at the audition– “Sometimes I’m Monday, and now and then I’m Wednesday.”

Man, there was a lot to this episode! We had some great character development for Tuesday, Angela, and Carole. It wasn’t all smiles, though. Based on what has been shown, I suspect Angela’s mother had issues in the past with her mood and behavior, maybe due to medications. This might be what’s making things difficult for Angela, and how she doesn’t want to return home. Even though her mama is calm and supportive right now, maybe Angela can’t shake the memories of when her parent was unstable. I can really empathize with that. On the bright side, Angela is now confident in her singing ability, thanks to all the harsh training with Tao.

I’m a little worried about Gus. I know that even though he’s good and earnest, he’s not exactly the most responsible type of person. But in this episode I thought I saw some serious red flags. First of all, he was casually drinking hard liquor from a flask in the daylight, when I thought he had more or less decided not to drink. (Except that time he understandably had a drink after his ex-wife told him she was remarrying.) Secondly, Gus is gambling, and he wasted the funds from the Cydonia event last episode. I really hope he’s not going downhill from here. Hopefully it’s no big deal?

I really liked the character information and development for Tuesday and Carole. We learned a big piece about Carole’s life. She was born on Earth but doesn’t remember it, and the parents she doesn’t know left her at a church when she was a baby. She went to Mars as a refugee and has lived independently there all this time. When Tuesday heard about this, she felt guilty because she had been self-absorbed and knew so little about Carole. To make up for it, Tuesday had a good, long talk with her friend, telling her about her own family and her secret about dropping out of school. It was so nice to see the girls talking and getting to know each other.

Overall, this was an uplifting and amusing episode of Carole and Tuesday!
This is 7mononoke of Anime Rants. Ja ne! Mata ashita!


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