Carole and Tuesday Episodes 5-6 Impressions

Episode 5

In the interest of being more creative with my posts, I won’t be writing a rigidly structured review, but simply posting my thoughts and impressions. There may be spoilers within. Carole and Tuesday is important to me for several reasons. It has two female leads who are well-written. It shows two people from very different backgrounds and ethnicities becoming friends and creating something beautiful. In addition, Carole and Tuesday features beauitful art, a creative setting, and various interesting characters, including some adult characters.

(Carole and Tuesday Episode 5)

So far, we’ve seen some great themes in Carole and Tuesday, some of which come through in this fifth episode too. One of them is judging music based on what is emotionally moving, in an age where AI can do everything. Another motif is that improvement is difficult, and failure despite effort is common. There’s no free lunch, or everything has a cost. Beauty, families, friendships, and art come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. When people work together and keep on trying, they can solve problems and make dreams (within reason) come true.

(Roddy explains how Carole and Tuesday move him emotionally)

Learning and recognizing Japanese voice actors and actresses is a hobby of mine. I know about 50 of them well, and I constantly try to learn new ones. As in previous episodes, this time I loved the seiyuu for Gus, Akio Ootsuka. His gruff voice is packed with charisma. He played Uvogin in Hunter x Hunter (2011), Iskandar/Alexander in Fate/Zero, and Ekubo (Dimple) in Mob Psycho 100. I like the voices for Tuesday and Carole, though I personally think the latter character’s seiyuu (Miyuri Shimabukuro ) is doing a better job with acting.

(Gus is played by Akio Ootsuka)

I suppose I can’t talk about this show without mentioning the music. I’m usually not so much of a fan of pop, but I still like the songs by Carole and Tuesday. I love their voices. The awkward lyrics are sometimes a bit annoying, but for the song they sung in episode 5 (“Someday I’ll find My Way Home”), the lyrcis were poetic and soothing. I don’t know anything about playing musical instruments, but to me it looks like the animation does a great job showing the girls playing guitar and keyboard, plus singing. It looks and sounds stellar overall.

Most of the characters are likable, interesting, and/or funny. Sure, Tao doesn’t have a very likeable personality, but I have a feeling he’ll have some screaming fangirls because of his dark-haired cool-guy look and the fact that he’s voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya. While both main girls are cute and interesting, I think I like Carole slightly better as a character. She has a personality type not at all like my own, but one that I love to see in others. (The type who’s grounded in reality, practical, appropriately suspicious at times, good-natured, stubborn but not to the extreme, and hospitable, kind, and uplifting to friends.) Gus is a terrific character as well, and so much more than “the funny manager.” He’s a really mature adult, all things considered. I really like Angela. Hearing and seeing her sing for the first time was epic. The song was good, too.

(It wouldn’t surprise me if she could move mountains!)

I like the way the story is moving along. Carole and Tuesday finally got a gig at a small night club, thanks to Roddy. Gus tried his best for the girls, too, but his power of persuasion can’t convince everyone. At the end, it seemed like the owner of the Mars Lounge, the older silver-haired lady, was calling Gus’ phone to say that she wants to help with promoting the two new musicians. At least, I hope that’s what Gus’ call was about. It could also be bad news; you never know. Anyway, I enjoyed this episode, and I want to note one other thing I specifically liked. That would be the guilty pleasure of fantisizing about Tuesday and Carole as a yuri couple.

(Indeed! Now kiss!)

Episode 6

(Carole and Tuesday episode 6)

I was blown away by this episode. So far, I could only find the episode in poor quality, but even then, the artwork was astounding. I liked the music too. Of all the Carole and Tuesday songs so far (as in the ones sung by them), my favorites are “The Loneliest Girl,” “Hold me Now,” and the “The Only Lonely Two,” or whatever the name is of that rolling-like-laundry song. I was glad that they played that third one in front of the huge crowd at the concert. I think it’s amazing that the two young girls persevered and kept playing even with the crowd hating on them. That’s beautiful not only for the characters and their story but also as a message for current society.

(Crystal from Carole and Tuesday)

I can’t move on unless I say this: I know it was only a supportive, friendship-like hug, but OMG Tuesday and Carole hugged each other!! My inner yuri fangirl went nuts. Attention all fanfiction writers and doujinshi drawers, make me some Carole x Tuesday shoujo ai content right now! … Anyway, it was also great to see the girls getting to meet their idol, Crystal. I’m glad she was poised and supportive of them instead of being snobby and obnoxious.

I’m pretty sure the person who did Crystal’s Japanese voice was Maaya Sakamoto, but it could be someone who sounds similar that I’m not familiar with. Crystal’s English song was great, and I don’t even like to listen to that style much. I don’t know what it’s called, but that style is on the radio all the time. I also really liked the unrequited love song by Skip, but I thought it was weird how his Japanese voice is so different from his English singing voice… I don’t think his Japanese seiyuu was even black, for one thing. Then again, I guess that’s pretty common in anime. Skip and his band were totally awesome, though. I’m not just saying so because Skip is hot. xD

(Skip from Carole and Tuesday)

Speaking of voices, it took me until this episode to notice that Tuesday’s seiyuu, Kana Ichinose, was the same one who voiced Orihata in Boogiepop (2019), Ichigo in Darling in the Franxx, and Marlya from Fairy Gone. I like her voice, but in the first few episodes I wasn’t impressed with her acting. (It’s gotten much better, though.) Now I realize the reason for that might be that Ichinose-san has mostly voiced these quiet and soft-spoken characters before, so Tuesday’s heavily emotional and emphatic way of speaking probably took a while to get used to. And speaking of Tuesday, I laughed so hard when she was so nervous and when Carole said, “Tuesday broke.” Also, Tuesday may or may not have consumed alcohol just before playing on stage. xD

(Adorable Tuesday is voiced by Kana Ichinose)

The brief scene with Ertegun talking to himself was hilarious because he’s voiced by Mamoru Miyano, voice of Okabe Rintarou, and his rant sounded just like something Okabe would say. Besides being spectalular in art, sound, and humor, the story progressed well, too. It was a big deal for Carole and Tuesday to perform even part of their song in front of so many people, and this event is something they can now put on their resumés. I can almost hear those seven minutes of miracles getting closer! (The ones Gus always mentions at the start of each episode).

Carole and Tuesday is doing excellently here at the halfway point of the first cour. To put a number on it, I’d say it’s 8.2/10 amazing. And that’s about all for my initial thoughts on Carole and Tuesday episode 6. Now everyone, remember to stay strong and stay calm. Try not to end up like Tuesday when she hears about performing at the big-name venue! Ja ne!

4 thoughts on “Carole and Tuesday Episodes 5-6 Impressions

  1. I’m impressed that you know so many seiyuus. I really don’t focus on them that much. I haven’t been keeping up with the new stuff, this does look interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! This show is bit hard to find right now, but I definitely recommend it, if not now then in the fall season when it will supposedly be on Netflix.


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