Carole and Tuesday Episodes 3 and 4 (Impressions)

Enjoyment: 7/10 Good

To be honest, I had other things on my mind while I was watching, so my enjoyment wasn’t as high as usual. Still, it was nice. In episode 3 there were a few things that tickled me. 1) The scene where Tuesday and Carole come up with the next song and start jamming with a stranger in the laudromat. That had me smiling ear to ear. 2) I think Roddy is cute as a kitten. I took a bunch of screencaps. 3) It’s always great (and/or funny) to hear Mamoru Miyano, who played Ertegen in these episodes.

I also had a good time watching the fourth episode. The part where Carole, Roddy, Gus, and Tuesday all talk about what kind of video they want was highly amusing. The yuri kiss in episode 4 made me squeal like the fangirl I am! Also I’m loving the stupid but fun fantasies in my head about Tuesday x Carole and Gus x Roddy as couples!

Characters: 8/10 Excellent

Going into these two episodes, I hoped to learn more about the characters, and especially about the background and families of the two main leads.

I was pleased to have my expectation filled in episode 3. Here are a few character observations. Compared to Tuesday, who is a bit airheaded, Carole is grounded and practical. She’s more cautious (in a good way), too. Tuesday comes from a politician’s family. I’m not sure if that politician lady is her mother or grandmother. Gus is kind of a slob, but he’s decided to invest in these two promising artists with everything he’s got. Well, except the money to pay for their meal in episode 3. It wasn’t clear to me before, but Tao has a “perfect song” that he wants Angela to sing in order to produce a “perfect” performance. Angela cares about her guardian (mother?) and is trying to live out her dream for her.

Episode 4 continued with this trend of revealing more about the characters, or at least about Gus and Roddy, and Gus’s ex, Marie. Roddy is apparently something of an otaku. At least, he likes anime, robot figures, and the like. The rest of the episode was focused on the plot.

Sound: 9/10 Astounding

The audio of Carole and Tuesday continues to be astounding. Nai Br.xx and Celeina Ann sound great in that laundry song in episode 3, and of course in “Hold Me Now.” I was glad to be able to listen to the instrumental version of the latter song in episode 4.

The voice-acting of the seiyuus is also amazing. I like the performance of Carole’s seiyuu Miyuri Shimabukuro; she is portraying her character well. Roddy is played by Irino Miyu, who has been getting VA gigs like crazy lately. He played Prince in KazeTsuyo, Ristu in Mob Psycho, and this season he’s Theo in Midnight Occult. Ootsuka Akio, long-time master of voice-acting, plays Gus, and does a great job. As I mentioned before, Mamoru Miyano plays the arrogant, rich, and “handsome” DJ Ertegud. He is the voice of Dazai in Bungou Stray Dogs.

Art and Animation: 8/10 Excellent

(Ran out of good screenshots, so here is another Roddy looking cute)

Episode 3. The awe factor of the beautiful art hasn’t worn off yet, so I was thinking of moving the score to 9/10. However, there are some moments where the art quality drops or where money-saving measures are used. Let it be said, though, that characters or background people looking super-simplified and faceless is far superior to using CGI, in my opinion. I wasn’t quite as impressed with episode 3’s art or animation compared to the previous episode. But generally, Carole and Tuesday is just so captivating to look at. I like the character designs, and the scenes of the two girls singing/playing together are well done.

Episode 4. One thing I’m continually impressed with is the consistency in detailed and colorful backgrounds. I can’t get over how pretty that bar is where Gus goes to drink. The character animation seems to be getting better– I guess by that I mean more expressive, but yes, kind of silly. I felt the quality of art an animation was better in episode 4 than in episode 3. Did I mention that Roddy’s design is adorable?

Story: 8/10 Excellent

Going into episode 3, I didn’t expect a lot of key plot points or story progression. This is going to be a 24-episode series, which means it can afford to be less structured in its initial few episodes, focusing mostly on character- or world- building. In episode 3, we saw both story progression and got to know the characters better. Tuesday and Carole came up with a new song, and thanks to Roddy, they got in contact with the popular DJ Ertegun. Meanwhile, Angela continued voice training with Tao. Also, Tuesday got defiant after Ertegud insulted their music without even hearing it. She decided to try to set his house on fire. Damn, that girl is feisty. I’m happy with the show’s pacing– it’s moving along at a good speed.

As for episode 4, Gus wrung every last ounce of usefulness from his ex-wife Marie, the film-mkaing robot IDEA, and the unfortunate Roddy. It was all for the purpose of filming a music video. Last episode, Gus tried to get the girls a gig by introducing them to Ertegud, but since that didn’t work, maybe a promo music video will help. Too bad that IDEA is a swindler AI who can’t film for shit. And so next time, Gus will have to try again for a way to promote the girls. The humor in this story is becoming increasingly evident, and I love it. The story is also impressive for including in brief the story of Marie, the bisexual woman ex-wife of Gus, as she decides to marry her female lover, Ann. I’m always happy for LGBTQ characters and themes in anime.

Overall Score so Far: 8.0/10 Excellent!

My opinion of Carole and Tuesday is that it’s the best of the season so far in terms of music, mesmerizing if somewhat inconsistent art, and presenting awesome, endearing characters. Well, actually, it’s either this or Bungou Stray Dogs 3 that I think is best at this point. I’ll do another post like this on Carole and Tuesday episodes 5 and 6 once they air! This has been Anime Rants! Thanks for reading and ja ne!!

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