Carole and Tuesday: Episodes 1-2 Review

Many anime bloggers write seasonal anime reviews episode-by-episode as they air. I decided to try to a variation of this myself and see if I enjoy it. I waited for the first 2 or 3 episodes of seasonal anime to air, so I can conduct reviews of the first fourth of Spring 2019. One anime I’ve chosen to watch is Carole and Tuesday. I couldn’t wait another week for episode 3 in this case, so the first 2 episodes will be reviewed forthwith.

Story: 8/10 Excellent

The story concept has some classic elements, but for anime it’s quite unique. Carole and Tuesday are two girls who couldn’t be more different in terms of background, experiences, and knowledge of the world. Tuesday is a rather dainty and sheltered girl from a rich family. Carole, living in the crowded city, is more self-reliant and works hard at her job. The two girls have one hugely significant commonality: they both want to be musicians. After they meet by chance, Carole and Tuesday start to perform together.

The inclusion of sci-fi is interesting and relevant to our world. For example, all hit singers in the city have been AIs for a while, so it’s hard for human singers to make a career. I don’t know the first thing about the music industry in reality, but if it’s like most other media industries, it’s probably becoming overrun with digital– and other forms– of technology. Carole’s pet is a semi-robotic owl run by an AI which also serves as her alarm clock. It’s hard to imagine pets ever being completely replaced, but you never know. Online pets are a thing in some circles. Someday, real-life robotic pets could be the new fashion.

As for structure and pacing, it’s a little hard to tell this early on. So far, things seem good. The first episode gave us something to get us hooked– mostly the scene of Carole singing on the street and then she and Tuesday making music together at the apartment. The second episode should optimally serve to show both character building and more development of the sci-fi setting.

Episode 2 of Carole and Tuesday definitely showed us more of the personalities of Tuesday, Carole, Tao, and Gus. There wasn’t too much more world-building– instead it was straight up plot progression. The girls snuck a performance on stage, and after someone took a video of them, they were contacted by Gus. He proposes to be their manager. So far, story is moving at a good pace.

Art 9/10

It’s difficult to rate the art for Carole and Tuesday because during key moments, the visuals are amazing; but shots during less important scenes are done cheaply. There is CGI used for crowds, which is perfectly normal for modern anime, but it’s cheap and I don’t consider it good art. The linework on some shots does not look hand-drawn, but done by some computer program like a fancy version of Microsoft Paint. However, there were only a few cases that bad.

In better scenes, and overall in the most scenes, characters have a very organic look to them, and there were definitely lines drawn by hand. The colors, lighting, and shading are stunning. Amazing attention to detail is given. The backgrounds are beautiful. Sequences with a lot of movement, like Carole on her skateboard, look fluid and have a way of drawing you in. Character expressions are done well and can be quite humorous. The animation for the OP is great. So far, I would have to say art is excellent.

In episode 2, it was hard to find even a single shot of substandard quality. Everything was so beautiful and detailed. Even the bar where Gus was drinking was a marvelous example of an aesthetic setting. Also in the second episode, CGI was only used for the shots of Carole’s hands on the piano, which doesn’t bother me, since I’ve been used to it since Angel Beats. So with all that in mind, I think the art is worthy of 9/10.

Sound: 9/10

Ichinose Kana is a talented seiyuu new to the anime world, who did Ichigo in Darling in the Franxx and is playing characters in several other Spring 2019 anime. She is the voice of Tuesday and I like her. Carole is voiced by Shimabukuro Miyuri, who has had a handful of good anime roles, but I’ve never seen/ heard them. She seems to be doing a great job with her role so far. The singing of “The Loneliest Girl” in both episodes is amazing. The melody made me tear up and almsot cry a little, much like it did to Tuesday. It’s just that gorgeous.

Speaking of singing, the opening song for Carole and Tuesday is “Kiss Me” by Nai Br.xx & Celeina Ann. The same artists/singers perform the ending song, “Hold Me Now.” Both are good, but I much prefer the sound of the OP. By episode 2, I’m aware that the singing voices and speaking voices of the girls are different. Whoever Nai and Celeina are, they are the vocalists.

Back to the subject of seiyuu, some of my favorites both recently discovered and long-beloved appear in this anime. Hiroshi Kamiya plays Tao; he is known for roles like Araragi in Monogatari series, Levi in Attack on Titan, and Yato from Noragami. Sakurai Takahiro plays the supporting role of Spencer. Just look him up on or IMDB and you’ll see the crazy number of roles Sakurai has played. Also present is Irino Miyu, who in several recent anime played characters like Ritsu (Mob Psycho) and Prince (Run with the Wind.) Ootsuka Akio, who played Ubogin in Hunter x Hunter (2011) and Rider/Iskandar in Fate/Zero, voiced Gus / the narrator. All these individuals are gifted seiyuu I could listen to all day.

Characters: 7/10 Good

In episode 1, I thought all the characters seemed promising and/or interesting, but the only ones shown enough to help us understand them were Carole, Tuesday, and Angela. In episode 2, we got to know a just a tiny little bit more about most of the characters we saw, and a new character, Roddy, was introduced. So far I think the characters are promising, but it’s too early to say.

Enjoyment: 7/10 Good

I like this show so far. The art and music are astounding. I definitely recommend starting the show, and if it goes downhill from here on, we’re in for the ride together. Some people have complained that the subtitles are really bad on all the streaming websites, but that’s only natural if you ask me, since most are fan-subs. I can understand most anime-level, simplistic Japanese, so I know that the lines aren’t actually bad. They’re just very simple. Anything simple or vague leaves a lot of room for re-interpretation by people who do subtitles– that includes licensors like Crunchyroll and Funimation as well as all the fan-subbers.

Score so Far: 8.0 Excellent

Please Note: it’s normal for my ratings to either be fairly high or fairly low at the beginning of a season. Once I get farther into the anime, the score is likely to change. As for now, an 8.0/10 is the best rating I’ve given any spring show. We’ll see if it continues.

(Images from: Carole and Tuesday. Dir. S Watanabe. Bones. 2019.)

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